Minimalist Improvisation: Techniques and Tools

Here is the deal. I will teach you the most effective improvisation techniques, and you learn everything that is demonstrated in the video and sheet music. What do you next? Well, you have two options: 1. You continue to the next lesson.2. You check if there are any additional exercises provided in the description. Learning […]

Improvisation: Freedom vs. Limitations

When you open a lesson, you might find instructions like this: Improvise only with quarter notes, improvise only with eighth notes… I added these limitations, so you can learn to have full control over your improvisation.I want you to be able to give out a signal to your fingers, telling them “now play this” and […]

Playing Music vs. Music Plays You

    When you manage to play the right notes and keeping the rhythm, please stay with the etude a bit more. Don’t just go yet. If you can play the piece 3x correctly a row, it means that you have a strong foundation to start to make music. This is where self-expression starts too. […]