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67 New Jazz Lessons (Well-Rounded Pianist Membership)

Hello everyone,
I hope you are all fine and life is treating you well. First of all, I want to say sorry because I kept working on a bunch of new lessons this year without telling anyone anything about it.
But yesterday, when I finished working on lesson No. 589, I was like, what the heck, let’s just hit the update button and let the members see what I was doing this whole year.
So if you log in to your membership now, you will find 67 new advanced jazz lessons and a brand new layout for the entire curriculum.
I looked through the curriculum, and I realized something else.
I just finished notating down and recording everything I learned years ago in a Jazz Conservatory. And not only that, but these 589 lessons and 908 pages of sheet music contain everything that I do with my private students (in the first five years of their piano study) and all the things that I keep practicing, maintaining, and improving in my daily piano practice.
Wow, actually, that’s the first time that I have experienced a sense of completion with this never-ending project. I am grateful beyond words for all your kindness throughout these years. Thanks to your support, I had the possibility to spend this part five years recording all my knowledge and sharing it with the world.

So… Thank you <3

Keep in touch,

P.S. Even though this is the first time I have this feeling that the Sound of Emotions curriculum is finally complete, the journey continues, and I will keep sharing with you everything that makes me wake up in the morning 🙂

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