Building a Better Piano Learning Experience

I am happy to announce the launch of the redesigned piano learning platform, a project that has grown incredibly close to my heart, even though at times it drove me crazy. As an educator, I’m constantly looking for ways to improve the learning experience for my students. However, when it came to turning my ideas […]

67 New Jazz Lessons (Well-Rounded Pianist Membership)

Hello everyone, I hope you are all fine and life is treating you well. First of all, I want to say sorry because I kept working on a bunch of new lessons this year without telling anyone anything about it. But yesterday, when I finished working on lesson No. 589, I was like, what the […]

54 New Lessons (Advanced Membership)

4. Month Advanced Membership Mixolydian Scales Over Blues Bebop Scales Over C Blues C Minor Blues Scale Over C Blues (3 Blues Etudes) 6 Shades of Blues How to Play Rootless Voicings and Walking Bass Lines over Blues C, F & G Bebop Scale from every scale degree Connecting Bebop Scales over C Blues 5. […]

6 New Lessons (Week 6)

Membership: SoE Essentials*Practice Plan: Jazz Piano Bootcamp Essentials How to use altered scales in Jazz 3-7-9 & 7-3-13 Etude 7-3-13 & 3-7-9 Etude 3 in 1 Bebop Etude The Best 3-Note Voicings over ii-V-I The Best 4-Note Voicings over ii-V-I   Here are some must-know concepts & exercises for an aspiring pianist. Enjoy! 🙂 David *Note: […]

New Lessons (Week 5)

Well-Rounded Pianist Practice Plan Day 29 – Play & Rest Approach (Part 1)Day 30 – Play & Rest Approach (Part 2) Well, this is the end of the 30-day challenge. If you had any New Year’s resolutions regarding your piano practice, I hope this challenge helped you build momentum towards those goals. As I said […]

New Lessons (Week 4)

Day 22 – Scales and Arpeggios (From the Root and 9th)Day 23 – Blues Etude No. 1 (Scales and Arpeggios)Day 24 – Bebop Hanon: Enclosures, Scales & Arpeggios Day 25 – Possibilities and Problem-Solving in Jazz Day 26 – How to connect Scales, Enclosures and ArpeggiosDay 27 – AAA & AAB Blues FormDay 28 – ABC Blues […]

New Lessons (Week 3)

Day 15 – Bebop Hanon: C7 Arpeggios From Every Scale Degree Day 16 – Single-Note Ornament in Bebop Day 17 – Bebop Hanon: F7 Arpeggios From Every Scale Degree Day 18 – Bebop Lick Integration Day 19 – Bebop Hanon: G7 Arpeggios From Every Scale Degree Day 20 – Bebop Lick over C Blues Day […]

New Lessons (Week 2)

Well-Rounded Pianist Membership Day 8 – Bebop Hanon: C Bebop & Mixolydian Scale Day 9 – Enclosures & Target Notes Day 10 – 7 F Bebop & Mixolydian Scale Exercises Day 11 – Enclosures & Scales Day 12 – Bebop Hanon: G Bebop & Mixolydian Scale Day 13 – Connecting Descending Scales over C Blues […]

New Lessons (Week 1)

Well-Rounded Pianist Membership Day 1 – Mixolydian Scales Over Blues Day 2 – Bebop Scales Over C Blues Day 3 – C Minor Blues Scale Over C Blues (3 Blues Etudes) Day 4 – 6 Shades of Blues Day 5 – How to Play Rootless Voicings and Walking Bass Lines over Blues Day 6 – […]

New Lessons (Week 53)

Well-Rounded Pianist Membership Bebop Lick No. 2  – Part 1  Bebop Lick No. 2  – Part 2 Bebop Lick No. 2  – Part 3    Thank you so much for your support in 2020! You are awesome! This year was extremely challenging, but I am glad that I managed to publish something every week – […]