Building a Better Piano Learning Experience

I am happy to announce the launch of the redesigned piano learning platform, a project that has grown incredibly close to my heart, even though at times it drove me crazy. As an educator, I’m constantly looking for ways to improve the learning experience for my students. However, when it came to turning my ideas […]

New Lessons (Week 49)

The Well-Rounded Pianist Membership (Jazz Piano Bootcamp) Bebop Lick No. 1  – Part 1  Bebop Lick No. 1  – Part 2  Bebop Lick No. 1  – Part 3    Stay safe and have a nice week ahead!David

New Lessons (Week 13)

Well-Rounded Pianist Membership – Jazz Piano Bootcamp How to Practice Scales (Level 1) How to Practice Scales (Level 2) How to Practice Scales (Level 3)   Stay healthy my friends. No hugs, just loveDavid