October: Summary

September: 20 New Lessons¬†October: 29 New Lessons!!! New Month, New challenge: Can I create-record-edit-upload 30 New Lessons in November? This autumn is all about rhythm. Why is rhythm so damn important? The artistic process could be compared to a tree, with its trunk, branches, leaves and fruits, and beyond and above, its overall shape and […]

September: Summary

What a month! I wonder if I can beat my numbers in October… My goal for this month is to add at least: 15 new lessons to the beginner membership 15 new lessons to the intermediate membership 15 new lessons to the Sound of Emotions Essential membership 30 new lessons to the Well-rounded pianist membership

Lesson: 16 Blues licks in A Minor (Then & Now)

Lesson: Lazy Days (Then & Now)

I decided to give some love to some of my old lessons. What do you think?

Sound of Emotions – What’s new?

Improved Practice Plans Are you not sure where to start; what to practice? Each lesson builds to the next, so all you have to do is to follow the curriculum. Start with lesson one, master it, and then move to the next lesson from the list. Additional Lessons for Motivated Students Are you progressing faster […]