Bebop Hanon: Enclosures, Scales & Arpeggios

Jazz Etude: Practicing scales, ornaments, arpeggios, and enclosures.

On Day 22, we constructed jazz lines that start from the Root and 9th. Today we continue this practice by practicing jazz lines starting from the 3rd and 4th.
Level 1 – Work on every single line separately. Start slow and gradually speed up. Focus on the quality of your sound and touch.
Level 2 – Jazz Exercise No. 1: Keep it steady, keep it groovy. Don’t just copy the notes but try to understand the lines that you are playing.
Optional: Play each line 2x in a row with no mistakes before moving to the next line.
Level 3:
  • Jazz Exercise No. 1: Starting from the 3rd
  • Jazz Exercise No. 2: Starting from the 4th
  • Jazz Exercise No. 3: Starting with a single-note triplet ornament from the 3rd.


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