Bebop Lick No. 2 – Part 1

What’s new in this lesson:

  • Practicing ii-V-I’s in the key of C, F, Bb & Eb
  • We start to apply Formula 2 – 4 Note Rootless Voicings as left-hand accompaniment.
  • We take all the isolated bebop scale patterns from the previous lessons and construct another 4 bars long line over a ii-V-I progression. 


What’s the main reason we practice this concept:

  • Formula 2 voicings will come in handy when Formula 1 voicings are just too muddy to use.
  • 4 Note Rootless Voicings (3 – 6 – 7 – 9 or 7 – 9 –  3 – 5) are often used in a jazz trio setting. Check out Bill Evans Trio – Blue in Green
  • Knowing different kinds of left-hand voicings will add color and depth to your arrangements, compositions, and improvisations. 
  • Constructing different lines using only bebop scale patterns will help you integrate isolated elements into free improvisation. 

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