Play & Rest Approach (Part 1)

Play and Rest Approach – Controlling the quantity of playing and resting done in an improvised solo.

Think about surprising the band and audience with where and when you make your entrance. This will draw attention to your solo. Your improvisation will sound unpredictable – or less predictable. (Hal Crook)
This approach comes in handy when we have an improvisation etude in front of us that does not have any breaks, just like the one I created for Day 28. 
0:00 Exercise 1 – This is how the etude sounds like when you strictly follow the rest periods. (Level 1)
00:36 Exercise 2 – This how the etude sounds like when your next entrance begins just before the end of the rest period. In other words, you play some pickup notes before the 1 bar of Play period. (Level 2)
Level 3 – Improvise over C blues
  • apply all the knowledge you learned in this course (Major & Minor Blues Scales, Hybrid blues scales, Bebop scales, Arpeggios, Enclosures, Ornaments, etc.)
  • Play 1 bar, Rest 1 bar.
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