Scales and Arpeggios (From the Root and 9th)

Jazz Etude: Practicing scales, ornaments, arpeggios, and chromatic leading tones, over C7, F7 & G7.

Now we have quite a lot of tools in our possession, which allows us to construct interesting & clever jazz lines. Let’s put this knowledge into practice.

Level 1 – Work on every single line separately. Start slow and gradually speed up. Focus on the quality of your sound and touch.
Level 2 – Jazz Exercise No. 1: Keep it steady, keep it groovy. Don’t just copy the notes but try to understand the lines that you are playing.
Level 3:
  • Jazz Exercise No. 1: Starting from the Root
  • Jazz Exercise No. 2: Starting from the 9th
  • Jazz Exercise No. 3: Starting with a single-note triplet ornament from the Root.
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