well rounded pianist new lessons

New Lessons (Week 5)

Well-Rounded Pianist Practice Plan

Day 29 – Play & Rest Approach (Part 1)
Day 30 – Play & Rest Approach (Part 2)

Well, this is the end of the 30-day challenge. If you had any New Year’s resolutions regarding your piano practice, I hope this challenge helped you build momentum towards those goals. As I said at the beginning of this challenge, I wanted to give you a practical method that you can later apply to any jazz standards.
Of course, this is just the beginning of a beautiful journey into the world of jazz, but now you have a strong foundation, so you can feel grounded when you start adding extra elements to your improvisation. If you feel the hunger to dig even deeper, you are at the right place, because I will keep sharing everything I know in this membership 😉


Hugs & Love

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