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Minimalist Improvisation: Techniques and Tools

Here is the deal. I will teach you the most effective improvisation techniques, and you learn everything that is demonstrated in the video and sheet music. What do you next? Well, you have two options:

1. You continue to the next lesson.
2. You check if there are any additional exercises provided in the description.

Learning only my examples of an improvisation technique will not help to find your sound. It is an excellent first step, but don’t stop there.

If you do that, you will never be able to use these awesome tools. Try to fall in love with every new technique you learn. Why would you learn that otherwise? It should motivate you to compose new songs.


Ask yourself these questions:

1.  Does this technique sound like you?
2. Do you see yourself playing this kind of music?
3. Do you feel that this technique will help you to express yourself?

If the answer is “no” to any of these questions, don’t waste your time on it. No kidding. If something resonates with you – Learn it and use it right away! If not – Leave it.

If you want to hear how do I use some of these techniques that I demonstrate in this curriculum you can listen to my music here: Sound of Emotions Music


You should definitely check it out. “Taking lessons with a teacher without knowing his music is like an arranged wedding.” (Jean-Michel Pilc)

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