Playing Music vs. Music Plays You

    When you manage to play the right notes and keeping the rhythm, please stay with the etude a bit more. Don’t just go yet. If you can play the piece 3x correctly a row, it means that you have a strong foundation to start to make music. This is where self-expression starts too.

You don’t just want to sound correct, you want to sound YOU!

What do you think, which mindset will help you to progress faster?

  1. I managed to play this piece five times in a row with no mistakes, I am ready to move on. What is next?

  2. All right, I managed to play this piece three times in a row with no mistakes, now let’s start to have some fun. What kind of emotions can I express with this song? Sounds a bit melancholic to me, so let’s keep this in mind and play it again. (…) Hm, there is just one part I don’t like, it would be much better with a different rhythm. Maybe I just make up another song. I will keep the bass notes and changed the melody

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