Welcome to the Well-Rounded Pianist Practice Plan

“I believe in using the entire piano as a single instrument capable of expressing every possible musical idea.” Oscar Peterson

Level 1 (aka “I have never seen a piano before”)

I. The Best Way to Practice and Move Forward with the Curriculum

II. Sight Reading and Coordination Exercises

III. Rhythm workout
IV. Easy Etudes
V. Composition

Level 2
(aka “I learned some piano as a kid, but I don’t remember anything”)

I. Sight Reading and Coordination Exercises
II. Improvisation
III: Etudes
IV. Composition
V. Rhythm Mastery
VI. Playing with a Band 

Experienced beginners…
(aka “I can improvise freely, but I can’t accompany myself with chords”)

Start Here: Weekly Practice Plan (Example)
I. Rhythm Workout & Improvisation
III. Major Chords
IV. Minor Chords
V. Beautiful Chords
VI. Rhythm Mastery
VII. Playing with a Band

Early Intermediate – Level 1
(aka “I have some basic knowledge, but my left-hand skills are very limited”)

I. The Best Way to Practice and Move Forward with the Curriculum
II. Sight Reading and Coordination Exercises
III. Basic Improvisation Exercises
IV. Create your first contemporary composition based on Triads

Early Intermediate – Level 2
(aka “I can read sheet music, but I can’t play music from a lead sheet”)

I. Sight Reading
II. Compositional Improvisation

Collect your favorite parts from the etudes you have learned so far, and mix them up. You can’t go wrong. All the core lessons are in the key of E minor, so whatever you decide to glue together, will fit, no worries. Feel free to change things around to your taste, also, you might want to add parts, that weren’t in the curriculum. That is completely fine. I did that too in the following example.

III. Left-Hand Accompaniment
IV. Rhythm Mastery – Drum Exercises
V.  Rhythm Mastery – E Minor Workout
V.  Rhythm Mastery – Paradiddles
VI. Rhythm Mastery – Three against Two
VI. Playing with a Band – Jazz

Late Intermediate…
(aka “I can improvise interesting melodies, but only in A minor and E minor.”)

Making Music with Basics
Ia. C Major Workout
 Ib. A Minor Workout
 IIIa. D Major Workout
IIIb. B Minor Workout
Va. E Major Workout
Vb. C# Minor Workout
VIa. B Major Workout
VIb. G# Minor Workout
VIIIa. Bb Major Workout
VIIIb. G Minor Workout
IXa. Eb Major Workout
IXb. C Minor Workout
Xa. Ab Major Workout
Xb. F Minor Workout
XIa. Db Major Workout
XIb. Bb Minor Workout
XIIa. Gb Major Workout
XIIb. Eb Minor Workout

Advanced Blues Player – Level 2
(aka “My solo piano blues skills are pretty impressive,
but I find it difficult to play together with jazz musicians “)



I. Walking Bass
II. Chords
III. Improvisation


I. Walking Bass
II. Chords
III. Improvisation
IV. Advanced 12 Bar Jazz-Blues Workout in the key of Bb



Additional Exercises

II. Jazz-blues Workouts
III. Jazz-Blues Improvisation
(Major Pentatonic and Major Blues)

Advanced Blues Player – Level 3
(aka “I feel comfortable to improvise with blues scales,
but it just sounds so weird when I try to improvise with other scales”)

The  ‘Beginner Jazz Practice Plan” is a short introduction to jazz. You will learn about scales, harmonization, syncopation and left-hand voicings. It will give you a glimpse of what you expect once you start to dig deeper into the world jazz. 





Pro Jazz Pianist – Fundamentals

Week 1


Week 2

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Final Words...

If you are stuck, or not sure about something feel free to contact me.
Even though everything is clear, I would love to hear you playing and get to know you better.

In order to give you good advice and guidance, I would need the following information from you:

  • Your name, age, and main motivation.
  • How much time do you have for practice?
  • What lessons have you already completed or are still working on?
  • A link where I can see or hear you playing the exercises (Unlisted YouTube link, mp3 file, etc.) Play the entire exercise from the beginning to the end with a steady beat and let me know how long time did it take you to complete the lesson. If the recording is about improvisation, please improvise at least for 1 minute (with a steady beat).

Keep in touch!

Hugs & Love