Jazz Piano Bundle Vol.2

  • Intermediate to Advanced Piano Concepts
  • Task-Oriented Exercises
  • Beautiful Etudes
  • Creative Exploration of Traditional Jazz Concepts
  • Easy Preparatory Drills & Exercises
  • Jazz, Bebop, Modal Jazz, Contemporary
  • eBook | 43 Pages (PDF)
  • Table of Contents
  • Watch Lesson 1 





Take your piano skills to the next level with this comprehensive bundle of 10 carefully crafted lessons. Covering intermediate to advanced concepts, these tutorials offer a deep and insightful exploration of various genres, including Jazz, Bebop, Modal Jazz, and Contemporary styles.
  • Task-Oriented Exercises: We all know that traditional scale exercises will help you develop the strength and dexterity needed to play complex pieces easily. However, if you are an improvising musician, you need to add task-oriented exercises into your daily practice to ensure you’re practicing skills directly applicable to your improvisations.
  • Beautiful Etudes: The exercises within the bundle aren’t just about technique – they’re about creating music. With an emphasis on musicality, even the most preliminary exercises feel like a pretty composition, offering a pleasurable experience for both the player and the listener.
  • Creative Exploration of Traditional Jazz Concepts: This bundle guides you in exploring traditional jazz concepts like cyclical quadruplets, but with a twist. You’ll learn to adapt these classic techniques into a modern, contemporary jazz context, enriching your own unique sound.
  • Accessible Preparatory Drills & Exercises: Begin each lesson with easy-to-follow drills and exercises that prepare your fingers and your mind for the challenges ahead.
eBook: 43 Pages
mp3: Diatonic 3rd – Play Along (Drum)


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