Membership related questions

It depends on your skillset. If you studied classical piano for at least 3-4 years and you have build strong foundations, you can jump into the monthy advanced membership. If you are not sure how good you are, but you are definitely not an absolute beginner, then I would recommend to check out Sound of Emotions Essentials membership.

It varies from students to students, but generally, this is how it works:

Once I get all the necessary information from you, I will review your video, tell you (via email or under you youtube video) what was good, and what could be better.

If your performance was good enough, I will just write you a short comment that you are awesome and you are ready to continue with the curriculum.
If something was bothering my ears, I will tell you exactly what to do and what to work on before you move on. If the same issue comes back again and again from other members too, I will create some additional videos too.

No, only the PDF and MP3 files.

You will get access to some of the YouTube lessons and sheet music too. These are the youtube lessons that are included in the Sound of Emotion curriculum too: Sound of Emotions Lessons

SoundofEmotions.com – contains the lessons I do with my private students for many-many years now. From absolute beginner to advanced level. My main purpose here is to teach you how to express your emotions through music. You must know that I will never add a random lesson just because it is fun. I want to be sure that you are ready for the next step. I don’t want you to worry about what to practice after you are done with a lesson. It has to be simple: if you don’t understand what is going on… go back to the previous lesson. If you mastered a lesson, great, move to the next lesson.

David Magyel YouTube Channel – Random Jazz-, Blues and Pop Piano Lessons. Mostly advanced stuff. I like to keep it random because that way I can test new concepts..

I explain music with music. I want you to feel and experience music from day 1. There is a way to show and teach everything through music. I have been living in different countries, and many of my students were not able to speak and understand English, therefore I had to create a completely new system of learning piano, (reading and improvising) just by showing everything. This is what my YouTube channel is about too and this is why I can have members on the Sound of Emotions site who do not speak English. If the explanation is unavoidable, it can be found in the description under the video lessons or on the sheet music. 

The Sound of Emotions website covers 3 of my piano books that I use with my private students on a daily basis. New – absolute beginner – students use approximately two years to go through the complete curriculum.

Payment related questions


If you are not sure about:

  • which membership you should sign up for,
  • if this piano course is going to suit you or not,
  • how this piano course works,
  • what you will get for your money

CONTACT ME before you would sign up.

As this is a premium subscription educational site with exclusive content, there are no refunds for partial months or pro-rated service