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Before you begin using the site and the educational courses, you must read and agree to these Terms of Service. We may occasionally have to revise the Terms of Service, but you can always see the updated version here

Sound of Emotions is an online education site for learning to play the Piano.


Course-related material
The courses offered through Sound of Emotions are designed to run for a set period of time with exclusive material. The Courses themselves will contain exclusive content only available to Users with an active Membership. This material will be available for your use and access for the duration of your membership to the site.
We might occasionally have downtime in order to upgrade the site, but we’ll make every effort to do it so it doesn’t inconvenience you, but from time to time, for maintenance and in the event of a server overload you might experience that the site is temporarily unavailable. We don’t plan on this to be a problem but we just want to make sure that you know this can happen, but we’ll work to make it right for you as soon as we humanly can.

Your Personal Data
We will never share or give away your personal data or your email. We expect you to keep your password secure. If you forgot or lose your password we reset your current password and send you a new one. If it seems that someone else is using your password to access the course related material, we reserve the right to suspend your account until we can get it all worked out with you.

All our Videos, MP3, Sheet Music, in short, all the course related material in this website is protected by copyright. We ask not to publish anything from our site without our written permission. That means no copying and selling the ebooks and material from the site otherwise we will disable and suspend your account and we will have to call our lawyer.

Monthly membership:
Membership is on an ongoing monthly basis, but can be cancelled at any time. There is no long-term commitment beyond the current month.
Payment for each month’s service is paid on a recurring basis in advance. As this is a subscription educational site with exclusive content, there are no refunds for partial months or pro-rated service. Your membership will be canceled effective the date you notify us.

6 and 12 Month Membership:
This is a Membership for a minimal period of 6 or 12 months. There is no long-term commitment beyond the 6 or 12 month but we will inform you about the automatic renewal via email, where you can notify us if you want to discontinue your membership. Payment for these memberships is in full and in advance. As this is a premium subscription educational site with exclusive content, there are no refunds for partial months or pro-rated service.