AAA & AAB Blues Form

One of my favorite way to practice a new musical concept is to make a tune out of it. This makes the whole practice session much more fun, but most importantly: to be able to create music is the whole point of practicing anything. You don’t practice scales and arpeggios just to play scales and arpeggios. You practice these things because you want to express yourself better. 

When you compose a blues tune, it should follow one of these 3 forms:

  • AAA
  • AAB
  • ABC*

*Each letter is representing a four-bar phrase. 

Here are my AAA and AAB tunes based on the concept we learned in the past 25 days. 

Level 1: Learn the first blues etude: AAA

Level 2: Try to compose your own AAA blues tune.

Level 3: Try to compose your own AAA & AAB blues tune. 

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