Bebop Pattern No. 3 – Part 2

3 in 1 Jazz Exercise:

  1. We are integrating Bebop Scale Pattern No. 3 to create longer melodic lines over ii-V-I.
    – This is a very typical scale pattern over the ii minor chord, but as you see it can be easily integrated over the V dominant chord too.
  2. We transfer the previously learned 4-note voicings to the left hand so that we are free to improvise with the right hand.
  3. Pay attention to the interaction between the two hands. Here the left-hand plays a consistent rhythm pattern, but also compliments the right hand and fills the gaps for the shortened motive.


Since this is an essential exercise, we will transpose it to all 12 keys. I recommend you to practice only four keys at a time and play it until you can’t get it wrong. Then move to the next four keys. 

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