Possibilities and Problem-Solving in Jazz

Sometimes I see jazz lines as chess openings. In this case:
Bar 1: C7 moves a descending bebop scale from E to Eb.
Bar 2: F7 has to do something with this “Eb”. What do you think? How should F7 respond to this jazz opening?

Today’s lesson is equally important for Level 1, 2 & 3 players. It is about problem-solving. The game of jazz & blues improvisation is infinite. Infinite variations come with infinite challenges and… infinite solutions. This might sound scary, but something is relaxing about it too: you cannot go wrong. There is no wrong note, just new situations again and again.

So today, you are facing a challenge from a descending C7 bebop scale. What are you gonna do about it? How many solutions can you come up with?

Here is my first 7 solution that came to my mind when I wrote this exercise. Study my variations and then go, develop your own answers based on what sounds best for you.

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