How to Play Jazz Blues (The First Ten Steps)

Format: PDF | 7 pages
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One of my favorite piano skill is to play the walking bass while I am improvising. Why?

  • It helps me to create a ‘full jazz band’ effect
  • It helps stabilize my groove
  • It helps me to add more space to my improvisation.
  • It sounds awesome.

It is not an easy skill, but today, I want to provide you a smart, step by step practice plan to master this skill in a fun way.




What’s included:
Sheet Music: 7 Pages (PDF)
  • Page 1-2: How to build Walking bass (12 Bar A minor Blues)
  • Page 3: Walking Bass + Voicings (Rootless Voicings + Basic 7th Chords)
  • Page 3: Walking Bass + Random Jazz Comping Rhythms
  • Page 4: Walking Bass + Five-Finger Blues Scale Etude
  • Page 4: Walking Bass + Blues Scale Etude
  • Page 5: Walking Bass + Blues Improvisation Etude
  • Page 6: Blues Licks
  • Page 6: Walking Bass + Blues Licks Etude
  • Page 7: Walking Bass + Improvisation and Blues Licks Etude combined

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  1. Dkv10mis (verified owner)

    Thank you so very much David for providing musicians like me the opportunity to learn more and grow on piano skills with easy to understand lessons and methods!

    I play trombone and like to be able to find my way on the piano as I firmly believe it helps with my musical senses from theory to just plain playing.

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