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Sound of Emotions – What’s new?

Improved Practice Plans

Are you not sure where to start; what to practice? Each lesson builds to the next, so all you have to do is to follow the curriculum. Start with lesson one, master it, and then move to the next lesson from the list.

Additional Lessons for Motivated Students

Are you progressing faster than others? In addition to the main curriculum, you will find extra lessons that will challenge your skills and keep you active.

Challenge Yourself!

Do you find some of the lessons way too easy? Under each video, you will find several exercises and challenges that can help you to adjust the difficulty and make the best out of every single lesson.

Improved Video and Sound Quality

All the new lessons are recorded with a professional camera and microphone. Furthermore, I decided to re-record some of my old lessons and add some extra features to the videos.

User-Friendly Interface

Just open a lesson and access everything from there. The sheet music, backing track, the complete practice plan, your next lesson, the previous lesson, is just one click away.

Brand New Advanced Piano Course

Are you interested in advanced piano lessons? Check out our advanced membership and take your jazz & blues piano skills to the next level.

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